Life / Corrupt

Spell School:
Spell Level:
Effect Group:
10 minutes

Spell Incant:
I call upon Earth to grant you Life / With Necromancy I Corrupt you

Spell Description:
Corrupt: This spell will slay a living target and cause them to immediately become a Greater Undead under absolute control of the caster. They retain the same intelligence and knowledge as the original creature, but operate without any memory of their living state. While under this effect, a character may not utilize Investitures to recognize characters in or out of a Ward, Wizard Lock, or Circle of Power. They have an innate understanding of their own abilities and items and may utilize any weapons or armor available to the creature as well as claws. The creature's visual appearance does not immediately change on receipt of this spell, but careful inspection can reveal the spreading corruption. A character can examine another character from within approximately 10 feet distance and ask the OOG question 'Do you appear Corrupted?'. The character must be able to see their target clearly. The subject of the question must reply truthfully; their answer is an OOG statement. This represents the examiner taking the time to closely examine the target's skin and body as corruption begins to seep through their flesh. The character gains all Undead immunities and vulnerabilities and is returned to full Body Points. The player (not the character) has the choice to use or not use per-day skills and spells while under the effect of Corrupt, and will use magic items based on the orders they are given. If cast upon a Dead body which contains a spirit, the target will immediately arise as Undead as per above. Note that this spell will not work on a corpse which has been previously animated or is permanently dead. If the creature is struck by a Life spell, the Corrupt effect ends immediately and the target is returned to life at 1 Body Point with no further effects from the Corrupt. If they are reduced to zero Body Points, or the spell duration expires, then the creature falls dead and begins a new 5 minute Death Countdown. In either case or after resurrection, if returned to Life, the creature will have no knowledge of their time spent as Undead. The ten minute spell duration may not be extended by any means, even by Formal Magic Life This spell must be cast within five minutes of a creature’s death. It restores the creature to one Body Point and the creature is not forced to resurrect. Only this spell can save someone who has been given a Killing Blow or hit by a Death effect. This spell will not normally affect a living target, although it will remove a living creature’s Spell Shield or Reflect Magic. This spell must be cast upon the player’s body to be effective. Once the spell is cast, the entire body reforms and any parts elsewhere will dissipate. This will also work as a Destroy Undead agianst Undead Creatures.