Spell School:
Spell Level:
Effect Group:
Eldritch Force
10 Minutes

Spell Incant:
With Eldritch force I Subjugate you

Spell Description:
This effect allows the control of either a golem or elemental who is subject to specific commands of the person who administered the effect: In the case of the spell, this would be the caster. The target of a Subjugate spell will not attack the person who administered the Subjugate while it is in effect. The administrator can give the target multiple commands within the ten minute period, but the target will only follow the last one given. While following these commands, the target is under complete control of the caster and performs the last order until that order has been completed. Afterward the target will stand and await the next order. After ten minutes (or after the effect is countered), the victim comes out of the control and acts as normal, and has full knowledge that he or she was Subjugated and what was done during that time. While Subjugated, the victim must per- form actions to the best of his or her ability, including the use of spells, skills or innate abili- ties. Note that this spell cannot force a target to cast or use items that are not in his or her na- ture or ability to use. The victim can defend themselves from any attackers, but if the caster attacks the victim the Subjugate effect ends. This effect can be removed by a Dispel. The death of the caster will end the spell effect. Only one Subjugate effect may be active on the target at any one time. The most recent effect takes precedence. Subjugate is an Eldritch Force effect, and as such does not counter or override any Command or Greater Command. Note as well that all golems are immune to Command effects.