Spell School:
Spell Level:
Effect Group:
5 Minutes

Spell Incant:
I Command you to Shun me

Spell Description:
This spell causes the victim to feel great discomfort around the caster. The victim will not initiate attack on the caster while the spell is in effect, and the victim will immediately move at least ten feet away from the caster and stay at least that far away while the spell is in effect. If the victim is within ten feet when the spell is cast, the victim must move away, but never in a manner that causes direct harm or endangers the victim. In other words, the victim cannot be made to jump off a cliff or walk towards a magical rift or do any other action which would cause harm. This spell does not create a ten foot magical circle around the caster which is effective only upon the victim; it merely makes the victim attempt to stay at least ten feet away. If the victim has to come closer than ten feet in order to get away (for example, to pull close to the caster in order to get to an exit), then that is permissible. While within that ten foot area however, the victim can take no in-game actions against the caster. This spell is a Command spell and can be resisted with the racial ability Resist Command, and it can be cured with an Awaken, Dispel, Purify, or Break Command.