Spell School:
Spell Level:
Effect Group:
Eldritch Force
5 Seconds

Spell Incant:
With Eldritch force I Disarm your <target>

Spell Description:
This spell causes the target to drop one specific hand-held item. The dropped item may not be picked up by the victim for five seconds. The caster decides what the item is that is to be disarmed. A general description like “weapon” is fine, although if the target is hold- ing two items that match the description, it is the target’s choice as to which to drop. If the target is only carrying one thing, then “item” is sufficient. Shields, arrows, and bolts are not consid- ered “weapons” for purposes of this spell, although a bow or crossbow is. If the caster wishes to disarm a shield, arrow or bolt, then the specific item must be stated in the verbal. Spell packets cannot be affected by this spell, but gas globes can be. Disarm is strong enough to overcome any rope or chain that may be attached to the hand. If the chain is unshatterable then it will become “unrung.” You cannot avoid this spell by tying your weapon to your hand. You cannot avoid this spell by borrowing a weapon and thus claiming that the spell doesn’t affect you because the weapon isn’t “yours.” Nor can you avoid it by dropping the weapon to the ground or throwing your weapon up in the air just before the packet is about to hit you, thus claiming that the weapon was not in your possession at the point of contact of the spell.