Create Scroll


This skill maybe purchased multiple times.

Requires Celestial Level 1 as a prerequisite.

Fighter Scout Rogue Adept Scholar Spellsword Artisan
6 6 6 4 3 4 3

Daily. This skill allows the character to create a celestial magic based scroll. The character must have access to the spell in a spell book but does not have to be able to actually cast the spell.

Making a scroll costs Production Points and in-game money andfalls under the rules set forth in the section on the "Production Skills" section.

You receive 5 Production Points for every time you purchase this skill.

Advanced Use: A character with 10 or more levels of Create Scroll is considered a Journeyman, and only spends 4 copper for every 5 production points of Create Scroll.

A character with 20 or more levels of Create Scroll is considered a Master and gains the ability to cast from any level Celestial battle magic scroll (regardless of the highest level celestial spell he or she has).

A Master can also cast from any Celestial battle magic scroll without sufficient light to read the scroll (but the scroll still must be held before you and in a location from which it could be read were there sufficient light, following all normal scroll reading rules).

Name Cost (PP)
Evocation Bolt 5 per level; element is chosen when scroll is made
Disarm 5
Lesser Investment 5
Light 5
Slow 5
Weapon Shield 10
Pin 10
Repel 10
Shackle 15
Shatter 15
Wall of Force 15
Awaken 20
Shun 20
Release 25
Spell Shield 25
Elemental Shield 30
Sleep 30
Wizard Lock 30
Web 35
Charm 35
Dispel 40
Reflect Spell 40