This skill maybe purchased multiple times.

Requires Herbal Lore as a prerequisite.

Fighter Scout Rogue Adept Scholar Spellsword Artisan
6 5 3 4 4 6 3

Daily. Alchemy allows the character to create non-magical elixirs, poisons, oils, and solvents. For each time Alchemy is bought, the character gets five Production Points as detailed in the "Production Skills" section.

To employ a gas requires at least 3 ranks of Alchemy. All gas packets must be orange to differentiate them from spell packets (which cannot be orange).

Alchemy cannot be used to determine the presence of an alchemical substance or magical potion in a creature’s bloodstream. See the "Alchemy" chapter for more details on specific types of Alchemy and how they might be used.

Advanced Use: A character with 10 or more levels of Alchemy is considered a Journeyman, and only spends 4 copper for every 5 production points of Alchemy.

Name Cost (PP) Types
Alchemical Solvent 5 Contact
Cure Wounds 5 5 Elixir
Intoxicate 5 Elixir
Liquid Light 5 Contact
Paranoia 10 Contact, Elixir, Globe
Hallucinate 10 Contact, Elixir, Globe
Oil of Slipperiness 15 Contact
Paste of Stickiness 15 Contact
Vorpal Coating 5 15 Contact
Weakness 15 Contact, Elixir, Globe
Antidote 20 Elixir
Poison Shield 20 Elixir
Cleanse 25 Elixir
Blast Globe 25 Globe
Enfeeble 30 Contact, Elixir, Globe
Sleep 30 Contact, Elixir, Globe
Charm 35 Contact, Elixir, Globe
Vorpal Coating 10 40 Contact
Paralysis 40 Contact, Elixir, Globe
Amnesia 45 Elixir
Berserk 45 Contact, Elixir, Globe
Enslavement Antidote 45 Elixir
Euphoria Antidote 45 Elixir