This skill may be purchased multiple times.

Requires Educated as a prerequisite.

Fighter Scout Rogue Adept Scholar Spellsword Artisan
6 5 3 4 4 6 3

Daily. This skill allows the character to create non-magical elixirs, poisons, and other items as described in the Crafting Skills section. The character must have access to an Alchemy recipe book with the appropriate recipe. These books can be freely copied, in whole or part by any character with this skill at no cost.

The purchase of a single level of Alchemy allows the character to apply coatings to weapons and mix elixirs with food.

Each purchase grants the character 1 Ability Point usable on Crafting Abilities from either the General or Alchemy section.

Name Cost (PP) Types
Alchemical Solvent 1 Contact
Cure Wounds 5 1 Elixir
Intoxicate 1 Elixir
Liquid Light 1 Contact
Paranoia 2 Contact, Elixir, Globe
Hallucinate 2 Contact, Elixir, Globe
Blast Globe 3 Globe
Oil of Slipperiness 3 Contact
Paste of Stickiness 3 Contact
Vorpal Coating 5 3 Contact
Weakness 3 Contact, Elixir, Globe
Antidote 4 Elixir
Poison Shield 4 Elixir
Cleanse 5 Elixir
Enfeeble 6 Contact, Elixir, Globe
Sleep 6 Contact, Elixir, Globe
Charm 7 Contact, Elixir, Globe
Vorpal Coating 10 8 Contact
Paralysis 8 Contact, Elixir, Globe
Amnesia 9 Elixir
Berserk 9 Contact, Elixir, Globe
Enslavement Antidote 9 Elixir
Euphoria Antidote 9 Elixir