Aspect: Celestial
Base Difficulty: 2
Catalyst Required: None
May Be Extended: false
Base Duration: Instantaneous
Casting Time: 5
Target Type: Spirit
Scroll Type: divination
NPC Only Ritual: false
Role Play Only: false

This Ritual allows one person, if that person has a Spirit, to have a prophetic or fact-revealing vision of a general nature on a topic designated at the time of the casting. Be forewarned that the contents of the Vision will never reveal specific information and may even fail to reveal anything. The Target can either be the Ritual Caster or someone of the Ritual Casters choice who is present in the Circle of Power during the entire Ritual casting. At the end of the Ritual the person will go into a trance during which the Vision will take place. During this trance they are unable to use any In Game skills or interact with those around them in any way. Any action taken against the person may, at the person's option, break the trance interrupting the vision.

The quality of the vision is often aided if the Ritual Caster, the person on whom the Ritual is cast, or both are skilled at Astrology, Fortune Telling, or some other related skill.

Out Of Game:
The information revealed by this Ritual is completely up to the Plot committee. This Ritual is meant for use in situations between PCs and NPCs and Plot generated scenarios. It will not be allowed to Target one group of PCs by another group of PCs. In such cases no vision will be received regardless of the success of the Ritual. Plot should be notified in advance of the casting of this Ritual so a proper vision may be supplied. Plot may take into account Mental Abilities or any related craftsman skill if possessed by the Ritual Caster or the person on whom the Ritual is cast.


This ritual can not be spellcrafted.