Transform to Greater Undead (Spectral)

Aspect: Necromancy
Base Difficulty: 7
Catalyst Required: Required
May Be Extended: true
Base Duration: 20 Logistics Periods
Casting Time: 30
Target Type: Spirit
Scroll Type: manipulation
NPC Only Ritual: false
Role Play Only: false

The Transform Greater Undead (Spectral) Ritual manipulates a Target Spirit, transforming them into one type of Spectral Undead, depending on the difficulty of the Ritual. The transformed Undead is recognizable as the living being it had been. The transformed Undead will have all the physical abilities typical to their new monster card in addition to the skills of the Target Spirit. This Ritual Effect does not give the Ritual Caster any control over the Target or over any of the Undead that may be currently under the control of the Target.

If the Curse of Undeath Ritual preceded the casting of this Ritual immediately within the same open ritual batch, then the Target Spirit will resurrect in the newly created Spirit Bottle as the appropriate Undead type cast. If a Gift of Life Effect Targets the Spirit Bottle, which has an active Curse of Undeath, it negates the Curse of Undeath.

Killing the Summoned Undead Body or casting a Destroy (Earth) Magic Ritual Targeting the Spirit will both cause a death and resurrection, having the Spirit return as the Player Race they were prior to the casting. Without a Curse of Undeath Effect, a Gift of Life Ritual cast upon the Target Spirit will revert the character to their Player Race prior to the casting without the Spirit suffering a death.

When the Ritual Effect expires either at the end of its duration or at the expiration of a Curse of Undeath, the Target Spirit will suffer a death and must seek resurrection as the Player Race prior to the casting.

The Local Plot Committee should be notified in advance of the Ritual casting, so a proper experience may be supplied. Be forewarned that the casting of this Ritual upon a Player Character will cause them to become a Non-Player Character for the duration of this Ritual Effect. Stat cards for any transformed Undead may change per casting, at the Plot Committee’s discretion.

This Ritual requires a Catalyst and 4 Reagents to cast as listed on the scroll. Any additional Reagents required by the Ritual should be of the same types as listed on the Ritual scroll.


This ritual can not be spellcrafted.