Summon Pantherghast

Aspect: Celestial
Base Difficulty: 2
Catalyst Required: Required
May Be Extended: false
Base Duration: 5 Days
Casting Time: 10
Target Type: Item [Any]
Scroll Type: summoning
NPC Only Ritual: false
Role Play Only: false

The Summon Pantherghast Ritual allows the Ritual Caster to summon one Pantherghast from its Plane to attack a Chosen Player Race. This Ritual will last 5 days or until the Pantherghast is killed or banished, whichever comes first.

Be forewarned that this Ritual Effect does not provide the Ritual Caster any control over the Pantherghast.

At the successful completion of the Ritual, the Caster must state within the first 60 seconds, the Chosen Player Race for the Summoned Creature to attack. Failure to do so will cause the Pantherghast to focus on the nearest living creature, determined by the Ritual Marshal, as the Chosen Player Race to be hunted. Pantherghasts will seek the Chosen Race by visual sight and are vaguely drawn to large gatherings or concentrations of the Race in question, if none can be seen visually.

The Ritual Caster incurs additional difficulty when attempting to summon more powerful Pantherghasts to do their bidding. Summoning a Panthergaunt is a very dangerous endeavor, as they will behave differently from all weaker counterparts. Upon being summoned, a Panthergaunt will attune itself to the Ritual Caster's Player Race, making all other races the Chosen Player Races for the Ritual Effect. Panthergaunts are also extremely intelligent and have the ability to summon additional Pantherghasts to do their bidding. A Panthergaunt will not rest until its goal is carried out or it is destroyed.

The Local Plot Committee should be notified in advance of the Ritual casting, so a proper experience may be supplied. Stat cards for any summoned creature may change at the Plot Committee’s discretion.

This Ritual requires a Catalyst and 3 Reagents as listed on the scroll. Any additional Reagents required by the Ritual should be of the same types as listed on the Ritual


This ritual can not be spellcrafted.