Summon Elemental (Magistarium)

Aspect: Earth / Necromancy
Base Difficulty: 3
Catalyst Required: Required
May Be Extended: false
Base Duration: Special
Casting Time: 10
Target Type: Item [Any], Body
Scroll Type: summoning
NPC Only Ritual: false
Role Play Only: false

This Ritual allows the user to summon one Magistarium Elemental from its Plane. It allows limited control over a summoned elemental based upon the instructions given to the Elemental. Elementals covet specific reagents, and in exchange for reagents they will perform specific tasks for the Ritual Caster. Summoned Creatures may demand payment in Coin rather than Reagents and may impose other restrictions on the Summoning as well - such as the Summoner ""taking their place"" in their home Plane for the duration of the Summoning or inhabiting the Summoner's Body (having the Caster NPC the monster under Plot Control in both cases). Summoned Creatures may also demand any service in return at their discretion. Once an elemental has agreed upon a compensation for the task to be performed, it is bound to accept the payment in question and perform the task to the best of its ability. If the Ritual Caster cannot turn over the compensation required to complete their task, the elemental may attack the Ritual Caster or return to their Plane of origin. It is important to understand that lesser elementals aren't particularly good with complex tasks, and often their Overlord will speak through them to negotiate in their behalf. This Ritual will last an indefinite duration depending on the task desired.

This is an Earth Aspect Ritual unless used to summon a Chaos Elemental, in which case it is a Necromantic Aspect Ritual.

If the Ritual Caster expends more reagents and takes additional difficulty, more powerful and intelligent elementals will be summoned.

The Elemental summoned is completely random, though if the true name of a specific Elemental is known and stated during the summoning they will feel the call and may choose to allow themselves to be summoned. The creature whose true name is spoken will know the identity of the Ritual Caster regardless of whether or not they choose to be summoned. The Elemental will stay on this Plane until killed, banished, or the Ritual Caster cannot compensate the elemental for the task they wish performed, whichever comes first.

If the Elemental is treated poorly or is inherently destructive in nature, upon the expiration of the Summoning the Elemental may choose to attack the Ritual Caster. Summoning an Elemental Overlord is a very dangerous endeavor, and the Overlord may immediately destroy every being within reach as soon as it arrives. It is often a wise idea to have a massive compensation available to even speak with an Elemental Overlord, not to mention request it perform a task or allocate elementals to perform a task for the Ritual Caster.

When Summoning a Magistarium elemental the Ritual Caster may select one of the following Elemental types: Chaos, Death, Life, or Order.

Reagent compensation requested by the Elemental:

Out Of Game:
Your local campaign Plot committee must be notified before the casting of this Ritual. Monster Desk must supply a stat card at each event. Statistics for a monster may change between events; the summoned creature must use the latest statistics regardless of when it was summoned. It can be a Chapter Policy (Plot subjected) how Summoned Creatures normally react. For example if a Chapter has a large NPC population the Summoned Creatures may only demand payment and go about their business. However in smaller Chapters it may be standard that the Caster must take the place of the Summoned Creature for the duration of the Summoning - or offer up someone else to do so - thus supplying an NPC to play their monster. However, Alliance Plot reserves the right to substitute a staff member or other NPC for part or all of the role-playing interaction with the summoned elemental. Alternatively, a chapter may require the replacement if the Caster does not pay at least X reagents or catalysts as part of the "bribe" for service as well - giving PCs an out if they are willing to take a big treasure hit to stay In Game a little longer. The NPC playing the elemental must abide by the personality requirements and directives given to them by the Ritual Marshal or member of their Campaign Plot Committee. Failure to do so may result in the termination of the role and the loss of the elemental.

The Ritual Marshal or Plot committee member on the scene has the final say on the compensation demanded by the elemental in order to perform the task. If the task is 'Guard me and protect me from harm', the elemental may request additional compensation for up to a day of protection as an example. Time, Duration, Complexity, and game impact determine the amount of compensation requested from the Ritual Caster. Short simple tasks of a limited duration should have a very cheap compensation to the elemental. Whether or not the elemental could be destroyed performing the task has no impact on the compensation requested. Likewise simple tasks akin to 'guard this room' or 'let no one enter' could have a relatively cheap cost despite a long requested duration.

This ritual requires a catalyst and 2 reagents as listed on the scroll. Any additional reagents required by the ritual should be of the same types as listed on the ritual scroll.


Spellcraft Difficulty: 2
Spellcraft Cost: 2
Spellcraft Duration: 1 Hour