Sturdy Armor

Aspect: General
Base Difficulty: 4
Catalyst Required: None
May Be Extended: true
Base Duration: 20 Logistics Periods
Casting Time: 5
Target Type: Item [Armor]
Scroll Type: enchantment
NPC Only Ritual: false
Role Play Only: false

The Sturdy Armor Ritual enchants the Target Armor allowing the bearer to take 5 seconds less to refit. This Ritual Effect is passive and does not require an activation to use. This Ritual may only be cast once per Target Armor and must be cast on a physical Base Armor tag. When combined with the Fast Refit ability, this Effect reduces the refit time after the Fast Refit effect has been applied.

When another character begins a refit on your Target Armor, you must inform the player that your Armor takes 5 seconds less to refit.

This Ritual requires 4 Reagents to cast as listed on the scroll.


Spellcraft Difficulty: 1
Spellcraft Cost: 1
Spellcraft Duration: 5 days
Spellcraft Incant: I CALL UPON THE POWER OF <aspect> MAGIC TO CRAFT THE STURDY ARMOR <declare choices> RITUAL