Spell Parry

Aspect: General
Base Difficulty: 7
Catalyst Required: None
May Be Extended: true
Base Duration: 20 Logistics Periods
Casting Time: 5
Target Type: Item [Weapon, Shield]
Scroll Type: enchantment
NPC Only Ritual: false
Role Play Only: false

The Spell Parry Ritual allows the wielder of the Target Weapon or Shield, once per Logistics Period, to expend an unused Parry skill (if the Target Weapon can legally Parry) to Smart Guard against any one Spell Qualifier effect that would normally affect them. The wielder makes the verbal call, "Spell Parry" when they activate this Ritual Effect.

This Ritual Effect may also be used against Dragon Magic or Shadow Magic Rituals. It may not be used against a regularly cast Ritual. You may Spell Parry an attack that targets another person, as long as the target is within physical reach of your weapon or shield.

This Ritual requires 5 Reagents to cast as listed on the scroll.


Spellcraft Difficulty: 2
Spellcraft Cost: 2
Spellcraft Duration: 5 days
Spellcraft Incant: I CALL UPON THE POWER OF <aspect> MAGIC TO CRAFT THE SPELL PARRY <declare choices> RITUAL