Safe Passage

Aspect: Earth
Base Difficulty: 4
Catalyst Required: Optional
May Be Extended: false
Base Duration: Times Ever
Casting Time: 5
Target Type: Location
Scroll Type: enchantment
NPC Only Ritual: false
Role Play Only: false

This Ritual must be cast on a Permanent Earth Circle of Power. The Ritual will cause the next Resurrection started within that Circle to automatically succeed, then this Ritual expires. If a Safe Passage Ritual already exists on the targeted Circle, the new Ritual automatically fails. Note that this Ritual may not work on some spirits, especially weaker spirits or those which have already taken significant damage. If the Ritual is cast with an optional Catalyst, a character beginning a Resurrection within this Circle may choose whether or not to activate this Ritual. This times-ever Ritual does not expire unless it is activated.

The target of this Ritual may make the OOG choice to refuse this Ritual without the Ritual being expended and without taking any additional effects. This Ritual will only work on PCs; NPCs do not trigger this Ritual unless Plot explicitly chooses to do so. In all cases, if the target does not have at least a single white bead in the Bag of Chance, this Ritual is expended with no effect. Deaths avoided under this Ritual may not be bought back.

This Ritual requires 5 reagents as listed on the scroll.


This ritual can not be spellcrafted.