Aspect: General
Base Difficulty: 1
Catalyst Required: None
May Be Extended: false
Base Duration: Times Ever
Casting Time: 5
Target Type: Item [Any], Body
Scroll Type: enchantment
NPC Only Ritual: false
Role Play Only: false

This Ritual allows the Ritual Caster to place one Battle Magic spell of their Aspect into an item or a person, if that person has a Spirit. The spell must be expended into the Ritual during the Ritual Casting (and will not cause backlash) from any valid mechanism to activate the spell by the Ritual Caster; for example, it might be cast from memory, activated from another item, used via High Magic abilities, used via a natural monster ability, etc. Once cast, 1-3 charges of that spell will be created based on the number of reagents used. Once a charge is used it is gone forever from the item.

Out Of Game:
A Battle Magic Spell is defined as any Earth or Celestial Battle Magic spell listed in the current Alliance rules book or rules addendum used by the Alliance LARP. To use this item's enchanted spell the incant "Activate " must be spoken. This cannot be done while under the effects of a Silence. If the user has the ability to cast the spell stored in the Enchant from memory the item incant is "Activate Spell ".

This ritual requires a minimum of 1 reagent to cast. Any additional reagents required by the ritual should be of the same type as listed on the ritual scroll.


This ritual can not be spellcrafted.