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Alliance LARP Utah's mission is to produce a sense of magic, wonder, and adventure; to connect people with community, and offer the best interactive entertainment experience possible. We accomplish this by providing a fun, immersive fantasy atmosphere and compelling story, that is designed to engage and captivate our audience. Our goal is to build an immersive fantasy retreat for our community of players; a site that helps create a sense of Magic, Excitement, Adventure, Connection, and Community

-We embrace our diversity and our members come from all types of backgrounds, brought together by our love of interactive role play. Our diversity gives us strong, helps us grow as people, and creates more interesting and exciting games.

-We are responsible members. When we see something we do not agree with, we use our voices constructively. We listen to each other, and constantly strive to do what is best for the good of the community. When a decision is made, it is made with the thought and consideration of all opinions.

-We are generous. We donate time, money and manpower to charity, not because we have to, but because it gives us a sense of community and pride in the organization.

-We are cooperative, in that the comfort and health of our members is more important than the story. We are constantly vigilant to ensure others are comfortable and enjoying the experience we provide. We understand that sometimes art requires sacrifice, and at time we set aside our own game for the sake of the greater story.

-We do not play to win; together we win by playing.

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, US
Goblin Stamp to Dollars Ratio: 5:1
Contact Information

Owner: owner.utahalliance@gmail.com
Plot Team: plot.utahalliance@gmail.com
Logistics: logistics.utahalliance@gmail.com
Rules: rules.alu@gmail.com

PayPal = finance.utahalliance@gmail.com
Venmo = @finance-utah-alliance

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