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Hello and welcome to our page!
We're Alliance Kansas LLC! One of the newer chapters, we have been up and running since Summer of 2017.
Our community is very eager to help. Come join our LARP Fam and all our shenanigans!

Location: Leon, Kansas, US
Goblin Stamp to Dollars Ratio: 5:1
Contact Information

Owner: AllianceKansas@gmail.com
Logistics: AllianceKansasLogistics@gmail.com
Plot Team: AllianceKansasPlotTeam@gmail.com
New Player Rep: AllianceKansasNewPlayers@gmail.com

We run all of our events out of Camp Four Winds, Leon, KS
Players are welcome on site as early as 4pm Friday, and are expected to be off site by 1pm Sunday.


To donate for GS please use our Paypal link here. Our ratio is 5GS:1USD, please ensure you also send in an email to AllianceKansasLogistics@gmail.com to claim any donation sent in.

New Player - $30
Reg + Lodging - $60
Reg + Tent - $45
Out Of Town Reg - $35
Saturday Only - $30
Food Package - $15
Secondary Blanket - $20
Late Fee - $10

1 Year Membership - $30

Pay Here For Events if the above do not work for you be sure to leave a note.

We prefer if you can pay ahead of time via PayPal(see links below), however, if you need to pay at the door please email Logistics to let us know! Payment is always due the Friday a week before game, if you do not let us know in an email before this, a late fee will be applied.

Please leave us a note in whichever payment method you choose so that we can accurately track what it is for.

Upcoming events

Event Logistics Periods Location

Past events